Are there any fees involved? 

  • The Official Flight Plug charges a one-time administrative fee of %13 of your flight cost. This is paid at the same time you pay your first installment.  

  • Example: If your total flight cost $1500, you will pay a $195 admin fee. 

What is TOFP's refund policy?

  • We have a 24-hour refund policy.


What is the maximum flight price TOFP​ will accept?

  • We accept bookings up to $1500 per ticket.


When is the soonest I can register for a payment plan?

  • 10 days before your departure date. 


What forms of payment are accepted?

  • We accept Zelle and PayPal. 


Do we run a credit check?

  • There is no credit required to use our service. 


How do I take a screenshot?


What does the screenshot need to show?

  • We use this screenshot to verify your flight details. It will need to show your origin and destination airports, depature & return dates,  and flight cost (including taxes and any add-ons.)